A legacy of success, a future of prosperity

Alti Advisory is a family office that helps HNW clients achieve financial success and peace of mind. We understand the importance of preserving your family’s legacy and values and provide bespoke services designed to help you pass on your wealth to future generations in a meaningful way. Our goal is to help our clients create a legacy of success and secure a prosperous future.


Alti Advisory is a premier wealth management firm that specialises in working with high-net-worth clients. We offer personalised and comprehensive services to help our clients preserve and grow their wealth for generations to come. As a family office, we understand our clients’ unique challenges and complexities and take a holistic approach to wealth management, offering a full range of services, including corporate and fiduciary assistance, estate planning, tax advisory, legal advisory and luxury and lifestyle amenities. Our team of experts has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the financial, legal and tax considerations. We engage with our clients to understand their goals, values and priorities and develop a customised strategy that aligns with their unique needs.


Alti Advisory specialises in providing tailored family office services to high-net-worth clients and offers various services to help safeguard and develop their wealth for generations to come. Here is a breakdown of the five services we deliver:

Corporate and Fiduciary Assistance

We provide corporate and fiduciary assistance to help our clients manage their business and investment holdings. Our team of experts can assist with the formation, management and administration of companies, trusts and other legal entities. We also provide guidance on corporate governance, compliance and risk management. Our service includes structuring and forming legal entities, accounting and bookkeeping and asset protection.

Estate Planning

Alti Advisory works with our clients to develop comprehensive estate plans tailored to their exclusive needs. We assist with the creation of trusts, wills and other estate planning documents and provide assistance with tax planning and philanthropy strategies to help our clients allocate their wealth to their heirs in the most beneficial manner. Our service includes estate and gift tax planning, trust and will drafting, charitable giving and business succession planning.

Tax Advisory

Our advisors help our clients avoid tax liability while adhering to financial regulations. We assist with tax planning, compliance and representation in tax disputes. We recommend solutions that optimise deductions and credits and guide our clients through international tax planning for those with cross-border interests. Our services include income tax advisory, state and local tax planning, tax compliance and tax controversy representation.

Legal Advisory

We offer legal advisory services to help our clients navigate the complex legal landscape. Our team assists with contract review and negotiation, litigation management and regulatory compliance. Our services include litigation management, regulatory compliance and intellectual property.

Luxury and Lifestyle Services

We understand that high-net-worth families have unique needs and preferences regarding luxury and lifestyle. Alti Advisory assists with the management of luxury assets such as private jets, yachts and real estate, as well as provides concierge services for travel, entertainment and other lifestyle needs. Our services include luxury property acquisition and management, private jet and yacht management and additional concierge services customised to align with each client’s specific needs.


Alti Advisory is always happy to hear from our clients, prospective clients and anyone interested in learning more about our family office and our services. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us using the information provided below:

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